Hook up your Happiness

Wise words from a wise man.

What I know for sure after what seems like 102 years of dating is dating should be fun. 
When I was younger I dressed to impress my date. I took my time slipping into my body-hugging silky red dress smooth against my skin it made me feel daring and just a bit sexy.

It's plunging neckline revealing just a tiny bit of my lily-white breast powdered and smelling like a sweet perfume.
 I slipped on strappy high heel sandals exposing my long lean legs and painted toes, my long red hair resting on my shoulders.
I painted my lips the color of cherries in hopes that the night would take me...

 OH Hell, no did he really just bring me to a dive bar for wings and beer?  Okay don't get me wrong I can completely hang in a dive bar. Darts I kick ass at them! Shots peppermint is my favorite. Hot wings and cold beer how do you think I managed to get through school?

But look at me! Curvy, smart, wise-ass funny as Melanie Griffith would say in Working Girl "I have a hea…